That’s it for 2014

As we have our final curtain call of Sleeping Beauty we finish a very good 2014 for HYT. In March we were fortunate to be offered the chance to recreate a Georgian court case, The Trial of Joshua Slade, in the actual room where the case was heard nearly 200 years ago. To add to that we were joined by a relation of Joshuas’ brother, one of the other potential suspects in the crime!

In the summer we ran through an adaptation of Tolkiens’ classic “The Lord of the Rings” and completed the show in a run time of around 45 minutes, Tolkien had taken over 1000 pages, we did it in just 15!

Then we’ve finished the year with the traditional pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, giving Nicole Matthews her first chance at directing a major production, a chance she took with relish and was performed by a great group of young actors, many of whom were making their first appearance with us!

2015 is already shaping up to be a great year, in March we return to the town hall for another court case, this year we’re going to be looking into the infamous Witches of Warboys. Another well known piece of local history and folklore coming to life.

We’ll be finishing the year with a production of Dracula, a mix of horror and comedy as the winter nights grow short we look forward to bringing the story of Bram Stokers classic to audiences. Watch this space though as there’s sure to be more news as the year goes on!

Off the stage in 2015 we’re going to be celebrating a landmark as Huntingdon Youth Theatre come of age and turn 18. On the 31st of January we’re having a big party and hoping to try and see many members over the years come back to join us for one night only. It’s sure to be a great night and we can’t wait!

We’re back on January the 6th so if there are any potential new members – get in touch with us over the christmas period, we look forward to meeting you and moving forward over the next few years!

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