The Adventures of Alice

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The Adventures of Alice was our Christmas 2013 production. Directed by Beryl-Anne Whitehead it was a combination of the classic books by Lewis Carroll, “Alice in Wonderland” and the follow up “Through The Looking Glass” adapted by Beryl-Anne and Dom Whitehead. IT featured a cast of memorable characters and a backdrop designed and painted by Farren Phillips (with assistance from her hardworking team!).

With costumes handmade by Margaret Gledhill, make up from Farren, Kate Adams, Graeme Hammond and Iona-Donella Twinn a hardworking stage crew, choreography by Katie Hammond and lighting designs by Mel Pugsley it helped bring to life these classic childrens tales.

The Cast

Alice – Phoebe Ward

White Rabbit and Unicorn – Dasho Atkin

Two and Mock Turtle – Nicci Meyer

Four and Tweedledum – Kieron Wallis

Mad Hatter – Naomi Makwana

March Hare – Rogan Phillips

Dormouse – Jacob Kilby

Red Queen – Cherry Rothwell

Red King and White Knight – Tom Langley

Knave and White Queen – Lucy Butterfield

Axeman, Judge and White King – Tom Earley

Tweedledee – Iona-Donella Twinn

Gryphon and Lion – Jarvie Ritchie

Directors Comments

Once again Huntingdon Youth Theatre launched itself into the Christmas Spirit and this year we have chosen a pantomime, we have combined the story of Alice in Wonderland with Alice Through the Looking Glass.

This wonderful tale combines the story of how Alice falls asleep and dreams of an amazing adventure which leads her from a sleepy garden through to meeting a talking White Rabbit, some very strange guests at a tea party on to even more adventures which remain to this day a mystery. Of course, as pantomimes go it is full of fun and humour. We have a flamboyant Tweedledee and Tweedledum, two very different queens, a crazy double act and the wonderful knave, as well as a whole host of other characters that enhance our show.

This show would not be complete without our Alice and her “wonder” as to where the next move will take her. This, I hope, will bring pleasure and excitement to you, the audience.

We have a great leadership team who have supported me through this production, Graeme Hammond and Nicole Jackson have been heavily involved in the interpretation of a classic story. We are very privileged to have such talent in our young members and their dedication to acting has formed a wonderful bond in HYT.

This, we hope, will encourage you as an audience to support us as an educational charity by attending our shows throughout the year.

I can not complete these notes without a very special mention to Margaret Gledhill who has single-handedly made all the wonderful costumes that have enhanced this show. The group relies on her support and the support of all the other leaders who give so much free time and dedication. They help to make all our shows a very special part of this town’s heritage.

I wish to thank you all for joining us in celebrating the young talent of our HYT members in this, our 17th Christmas Production. Happy Christmas to you all.

The Radio Spot

The production was advertised on Huntingdon Community Radio, here is the advert in case you missed it!

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