Some Like It Hot

The Some Like It Hot program cover featuring Gemma Crossland in the Marilyn Monroe role of Sugar Kane
The Some Like It Hot program cover featuring Gemma Crossland in the Marilyn Monroe role of Sugar Kane

Sugar, the stage musical adaptation of the classic comedy film “Some Like It Hot” and was performed at the Hinchingbrooke Performing Arts Centre between the 9th and 12th of January 2002. Directed by Graham Wilkinson and choreographed by Sarah Wilkinson, it told the story of how two out of luck musicians Joe and Jerry witness a gangland massacre and are forced to go on the run from hoods by joining an all girl band.

Love, gangsters, cross dressing and confusion takes over as the two men in pursuit of the hand of Sugar “I have a thing for saxophone players…” whilst avoiding the pursuit of Spats Palazzo, his thugs and the amorous advances of the elderly millionaire Osgood Fielding. Well… Nobody’s Perfect!

The Cast

Sugar Kane – Gemma Crossland

Joe (Josephine) – Oliver Waldock

Jerry (Daphne) – Nick Waldock

Sweet Sue – Lizzy Bloxham

Sir Osgood Fielding – Seb Goss

Bienstock – Ray Livermore

Spats Palazzo – Jonathon Boocock

Dude – Katie Hammond

Henchman – Claire Obee

Knuckles Norton – Ben Barrett

First Hood – George Audigier

Second Hood – James Skinner

Olga – Hayley Gregory

Dolores – Lisa Wills

Bell Boy – Sean Denby

Reporter – Chris Boocock

Train Announcer – Cat Summerfield

Cab Driver – Daniel Wills

Musicians Contractor – Dom Whitehead

Girls Band – Miranda Pickford, Lisa Wills, Claire Cousins, Hilary Lavin, Annebel Cook, Jade Hadley, Danielle Priestman, Hayley Gregory, Katie Hammond, Eleanor Walker

Dancers – Katie Foster, Vanee Permal, Hannah Becker, Victoria Barrett, Hellen Jepson, Anne-Marrie Plumb, Revecca Holden, Fern Walker, Ashleigh Harding, Ben Barrett

Chorus – Gemma Howe, Daniel Livermore, Oliver Scott, Danielle Polis, Kelly Howe, Caroline March-Killen


Musical Director – Simon Kidney

Violin – Nicola Lancaster, Katja Roberts

Cello – Hannah Latham

Saxophone – John Barron, Emily Britten, Dan Prentice and Amy Grain

Bass Guitar – Andre Crooks

Drums – Ian Pickering

Percussion – “Northen Phil Howley”

Brass – Chris Bull, Richard Payne and Johnnie Scott

Lead Guitar – Justin Dwyer

Directors Comments

Take two out of work musicians, an all girl band, millionaires and gangsters and you have all the ingrediencts for our highly hilarious musical comedy.

Based on the screenplay starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe, the show retains all the original humour alongside foot tapping music and exciting choreography.

This is our second major production at the PAC and the biggest project to date, with over four hundred costumes, fourteen set changes and an orchestra of sixteen. Rehearsals began back in August and both the cast and support team have worked tirelessly to bring you a performance I know you will enjoy,

So sit back, enjoy the show and remember we’re not only “Doin’ it for Sugar” but more importantly “Doin’ it for you”.

Chairmans Message

This production of “Some Like it Hot” marks the end of HYTs fifth year. We have come a long way since our modest beginnings in 1996. Supported throughout by Huntingdon Town Council, the group has gradually broadened its horizons and tackled increasingly demanding projects. Now a registered educational charity, the group still maintains a membership of 50 youngsters between 11 and 19 years of age, some of whom have been with the group since its inception. Never a group to shy away from challenges and ambitious projects, our more recent achievements have been in Huntingdon (most notably, last years Bugsy Malone) and in our twin towns of Szentendre (Hamlet) and Salon de Provence (A Christmas Carol)

Our now permanent residency in the PAC has provided us with fresh challenges and new opportunities, which the group will continue to grasp. The group always seeks further adult help and leadership, but with a waiting list of almost 30 youngsters, looks set to continue as the areas leading youth theatre for many years to come. I look forward to continuing my long association with HYT long into the next decade.

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