Return to the Forbidden Planet

The "In-flight Magazine" from Return to the Forbidden Planet
The “In-flight Magazine” from Return to the Forbidden Planet

“Welcome Aboard the Intergalactic Starship Albatross.

We are currently traveling at slightly under the speed of light on the routine scientific flight. We will shortly be passing through the Cosmic Nebula, which you will be able to see through the starboard portholes.

I would like to draw civilian passengers’ attention to safety procedures and in-flight entertainment. In the unlikely event of us entering a temporal vortex or being affected by the gravitational field of a black hole, please make your way to the escape capsules, which are located in the foyer area. If we have passed the event horizon by the time the warning signs come on, please remain in your seats and our crew will instruct you further.

The ship has a full range of leisure facilities, including a fully functioning replica of a 20th century “cafe” and “bar”. This feature is generated by a bank of holograpgic replicators, though this should not affect the taste and nutritional value of any historical products purchased.

I realise you had a choice of operators for this quasi-stellar intergalactic journey to the furthest reaches of known existence, and I thank you for deciding to travel with us. Enjoy your flight, Captain Tempest”

With that, we welcomed audiences to Hinchingbrooke Performing Arts Centre in March of 2004. Directed by Graham Wilkinson with choreography from Sarah Wilkinson, “Return…” was a musical adaptation inspired by the film “Forbidden Planet” itself based on Shakespeares’ “The Tempest” it won the 1990 Best Musical award at the Olivier Awards.

With a musical soundtrack with a host of hits from the 50s and 60s, a whole host of one liners, audience participation, a hard working crew and the fantastic working spaceship “The Albatross” we had to “Go Now”, avoid a “Wipeout” and “Get Out Into Space” away from the Monster of the Id in this great musical. Live long, and prosper….O.

The Crew of the Albatross

Captain Tempest – Oliver Waldock

Dr Prospero – Richard Futter

Ariel the Robot – Victoria Barrett

Cookie – Nick Waldock

Science Officer – Charlotte Pergande

Bosun – Vanee Permal

Navigation Officer – Oliver Scott

Miranda – Hellen Jepson

Ratings – Adam Pergande, Ashleigh Harding, Caroline March-Killen, Daniel Livermore, Emma Saunders, Fern Walker, Gemma Crossland, Hannah Leverett, Kate Adams, Kate Burton, Katherine Waldock, Katie Hammond, Katie Toone, Laura Harris, Sam Harber, Sam WIlson, Sean Denby, Sophie Tyrell, Stephanie Howe, Tim Ellis

Newcaster – Steve Riches, courtesy of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

The Band

Musical Director – Simon Kidney

Keyboads – Johnny Barron

Drums – Ian Pickering

Rhythm Guitar – Tom Merivale

Lead Guitar – Greg Farrar (Nick Waldock played his own during his song “She’s not there”)

Saxophone – Dan Prentice and Nikki Kearns

Bass Guitar – Andre Crooks

Trumpet – Brian Herman

Directors Message

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the galactic trip of a lifetime.

Embark with us on a journey into outerspace with a show full of rock ‘n’ roll that will simply force you to join in, whether tapping your feet, clapping your hands or dancing in the aisles.

Six months of “Great Balls of Fire” have sent out “Good Vibrations” around our rehearsal room and with our rockety band we are now ready to take this show into orbit.

This ambitious production is once again a credit to the enthusiasm and commitment of a fantastic cast alongside a fabulous backstage team. So as you touch down at the end of the evening, I hope you will share with me the pride of being part of such a talented company.

Chairmans Message

It seems as though it was only yesterday that I had to jot down a few words from the chair for our production of Godspell but a whole year has flown by. HYT has just celebrated its 7th birthday and I am still continually amazed by the achievements and exploits of the group. There do not appear to be any limits to the range of challenges we undertake. We are going from strength to strength.

In the past twelve months we have seen yet another wide range of theatrical projects from Godspell, through the innovative 20th century adaptation of King Lear, while the rehearsal run of “Return…” has coincided with rehearsals for the Joe Orton comedy Loot. Never let it be said that our program is narrow!

We have had several other major successes as an organisation this year. We are now very fortunate to enjoy the patronage of Evelyn Glennie OBE , the worlds leading percussionist. Not only was she generous enough to become our patron, but she also hosted and performed a charity concert for our benefit.

The group has recently had another major sponsorship donation from Lloyds TSB. Their generosity enables us to purchase our own mobile sound system to go with the mobile staging unit we are currently in the process of purchasing. These two acquisitions will enable us to broaden even further the type of theatrical rojects we can undertake. Dan and Yvonne Schwiers continued support of the group also now means that we have our own modest storage and workshop space. Quite a year, in my opinion.

We stil, of course rely very heavily on you, our audience, to turn out regularly to our performances. I feel that our young members have earned all the successes that we have enjoyed and I’m sure that you will once again be treated to a fine show, performed by some of the countys finest young theatrical talent.

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