July 2008 showcase

On 8th of July, 2008 we put together our end of term show case at the Commemoration Hall. It contained a piece of work that had been devised by a couple of our members who put it forward for production to try something from the other side of the stage.

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (abridged)

directed by Laura Hammond and Michael Hudson

Devised by Laura and Michael, this was one of the pieces of theatre when we give our members the chance to put together their own work and show what they can do. It told in simple form, over about 15 minutes, the story of the famous boy wizards’ first adventure at Hogwarts.

Zoe Ashton

Ben Clelland

Laura Hammond

Michael Hudson

Dee Jenner

David Leverett

Chloe Maxwell

Tomas Mountain

Abi Myers

Charlotte Russell

Alex Valentine

Alex Wales

Musical Miscellany

Directed by Beryl-Anne Whitehead and Jess Sawyer (formerly Hooker)

Emma Anderson

Annie Avery

Clarissa Dougherty

Bronte Dyne

Aimee Johnson

Danielle Morris

Alicia Prince

Lizzie Vialls

Unhand me Squire!

Directed by Dominic Whitehead and Graeme Hammond

Unhand me Squire is a medieval story about a landlord who decides he wants the daughter of one his peasants as payment for rent that he can’t pay.  Thankfully his plans are thwarted by the pleasant – but not too bright – peasant boy who goes away to make good and by amazing coincidence returns just in time!

Tom Ashton

Bronte Beckett

Millie Bewsher

Andrew Collins

Sam Harris

Craig Saunders

Fran Stephens

Matt Valentine

Charity Number 1084920