Dirty Dirty Princess

Program from Dirty Dirty Princess
Program from Dirty Dirty Princess

In May 2011 Graeme Hammond directed us in a production of the Georgia Fitch play “Dirty, Dirty Princess”, which had been a part of the National Theatres “Connections” programme. The play tells the story of 13 year old girl Stacey, a typical teenager whos mum keeps her in the latest fashions, so she always looked a real princess.


At her cousins party, she ventures upstairs with an athlete tipped  run in the Olympics who is in his late teens. What happens that night leads to a spiral of events which test her trust of boys, her relationship with her mum and lead her to seek advice from a Christian support group.


A play about the consequences of silence, jealousy and trying to find a way to simply be 13. The play went down very well with our audiences and we were very grateful to be joined by the author Georgia Fitch.

The Cast

Stacey – Tasmin Colman

Luke – Keiron Wallis

Miesha – Abi Myers

Sue (Stacey’s Mum) – Charlotte Russell

Mark (Stacey’s Cousin) – Ben Clelland

Jessica – Jessica Holt

Lois (Christian Support Group) – Sophie Clelland

Katy – Ellie Brenchley

Jade – Jodie Snelling

Lisa – Emma Anderson

Fiona – Rebecca Henderson

Billie – Clarissa Dougherty

Nell – Carrie Leggett

Director’s Notes

The work on this production has been a fascinating and enjoyable journey. I had been looking for a play that would be both challenge and provide a suitable vehicle for the groups ability. Each year the National Theatre runs a Connections programmer where 10 new plays are written and then performed by youth groups throughout the country. The plays provide a wealth of different theatrical experiences and I have been looking through these trying to find one that fitted the capabilities of HYT.

Eventually I found Georgia Fitch’s play “Dirty, Dirty Princess and managed to secure the rights to perform with HYT in Huntingdon. Throughout rehearsals I endeavoured to do more than just put on a play and instead attempted to provide the cast with a more challenging environment and we spent quite a time looking at the characters and their wants and feelings. In the end I feel we have succeeded and brought about something that the whole group should be proud of. I was also delighted to welcome back members to work on the play as well as bringing back Greg to provide a wonderful musical backing to the play.

I have a great time working on this production, with the able assistance of Kate, and wish to thank all who have been involved for making this a truly memorable experience and trust that you, our audience, enjoy it as much as we have.

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