Christmas Carol 2007

Christmas Carol 2007

Our winter 2007 production saw us return to Dickens’ classic tale of Christmas Spirit, directed by Beryl-Anne Whitehead and with the support of Jess Sawyer put together our biggest adaptation of the story fitting in as many of the oft forgotten figures as we could.

The Cast

Ebenezer Scrooge – Alex Valentine

Bob Cratchit – Alex Wales

Laundress – Alicia Prince

Young Husband/Businessman/Cook’s Friend – Andy Collins

Sara/Freds Wife – Annie Avery

Fred – Ben Clelland

Schoomaster/London Bobby – Bronte Beckett

Shopkeeper/Mrs Fezziwig 3 – Bronte Dyne

Street Boy/Peter/Businessman – Callum Pitt

Carol Singer/Flowerwoman/Wife – Charlotte Nunn

Jacob Marley/Mrs Cratchit – Charlotte Russell

Raucous Lady/Charwoman – Chloe Maxwell

Fan/Ignorance – Clarissa Doughery

Gentleman/Businessman/Guest – Craig Saunders

Fezziwig – David Leverett

Cook/Belinda/Little Brother – Emma Anderson

Bells Husband/Martha – Emma Healey

Morther/Miss Fezziwig 2 – Fran Coletti

Mrs Fezziwig – Fran Stevens

Dick Wilkins – Georgina Tuckwood

Miss Fezziwig 1/Female Guest/Wife – Laura Hammond

Ghost of Christmas Past/Christmas Yet to Come – Laura Swingler

Gentleman/Undertakers Man/Businessman – Lizzie Vialls

Young Ebenezer – Matt Valentine

Charles Dickens – Michael Hudson

Miss Belle/The Want – Sam Harris

Fans Husband/Blind Beggar – Sam Wilson

Ghost of Christmas Present/Carol Singer/Woman in Black – Tegan Jolly

Old Joe/Younger Scrooge – Tom Ashton

Theatre Manager/Topper/Businessman – Tomas Mountain

Tiny Tim/Bells Daughter/Girl – Zoe Ashton

Directors Comments

This Years production of “A Christmas Carol” has been one of the most challenging for HYT to date, with over 80 costumes and many of our 35 students playing several different characters it has proved not only exciting but demanding for each and every one of us. With the tremendous support of Jess Sawyer (nee Hooker), founder member and now professional actress, as my co director we have managed to produce a very colourful and we hope you agree professional show.

The production is underpinned by a very generous and hard working team of parents of our members. Their help making and creating the high number of costumes required, building the atmospheric and unusual set and working tirelessly backstage and front of house has backed up the hard working, selfless efforts of our volunteer leadership.

Our work as an educational charity relies heavily on the continuing support of all of these volunteers, the commitment and enthusiasm of our young members and the continuing backing of our sponsors.

christmas carol 2007 cast

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