2005 showcase

As is usual at the end of our terms we put together a series of one act plays using the members of the group who had not been involved in our production of Romeo and Juliet the week prior. It was a variety of different productions and offering a variety of roles and challenges.

Totally Over You

Directed by Beryl-Anne Whitehead and Christine Waldock

The play concerned four girls who decide to become famous by marrying celebrities so decide to dump their current boyfriends.  The four boyfriends, with help from the schools drama class set up a plan to trick the girls into thinking they should never have been dumped as they had just become the famous boy-band “AWESOME”.


Vici Brystow

Stacey Ford

Caroline March-Killen

Chloe Maxwell

Emma Saunders

Jessica Williams

Craig Bucklow

Tom Hodgson

Tomas Mountain

Ian O’Shea

James Russell

Matthew Valentine

Dream Jobs

Directed by Margaret Gledhill and Jess Hooker

The playlet was set in the 50s and told the story of five young girls from the lower end of a secondary school and waiting to see the careers officer to find out what jobs they might be suitable for and what may by available. While they were waiting they dream of the jobs they most want to do.


Caroline Boocock

Amadae Dowd

Grace Everest

Amy Harber

Hannah Stradling


Directed by Ray Livermore

A stage presentation of the well known sitcom Blackadder the second this saw us produce the episode Potato. In which Edmund, in an attempt to impress Queen Elizabeth following the return of Sir Walter Raleigh decides to embark on his own expedition under the command of a legless captain…


Florence Avery

Ray Livermore

Hannah Leverett

Fern Walker

Sam Harber

Tom Harding

David Leverett

Toby Waldock

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