10th Year Celebration

A group photo of guests at our 10 year celebration
A group photo of guests at our 10 year celebration


At the start of 2006 we celebrated going into our 10th year with an evening of invited guests and were reunited with members from our past. Ray Livermore and Mike Summerfield also coordinated rehearsals for a secret performance which had been prepared behind the back of chairman Dom Whiteheads back.

The evening saw an except of  our first production Charlie and the Chocolate Factory performed, with Jess Hooker – who had been recording voice overs for a series of adverts and filming a TV Movie of Sweeney Todd with Ray Winstone – returning to play Mrs Beauregarde as she had in the original production.

The rest of the evening saw a series of one act plays performed with a combination of members old and new.

Dinner at Dennys

A hapless waiter ruins a nice quiet evening meal for a couple.

Mike Summerfireld, Gemma Hodgson, Ben Noad

To Be Immortal

A art student at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts feels he’ll never be remembered – with an interesting twist.

Daniel Livermore, Mike Summerfield

The Nutter and the Gent

A city gent after work just wants a quiet train journey but a fellow passenger wants to share something in his box.

Peter Brystow, Daniel Livermore

Romeo and Juliet (Abridged)

A two man production of Romeo and Juliet goes slightly awry.

Vici Brystow, Francesca Coletti, Ben Noad, Ray Livermore

The evening was then finished with members old and new performing “Fat Sams Grand Slam” from Bugsy Malone as a throwback to our first full musical. Photos from this evening can still be seen on the banners displayed outside the Commemoration Hall!


A few weeks after this the one act pieces were performed as part of a charity evening for the Rotary Club of Huntingdon.

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