Making Connections


We are delighted to announce that we are going to be a part of the National Theatres “Connections 500” to celebrate the 21st birthday of the Connections program. Every year the National Theatre invite a number of youth theatre groups across the country to perform a specially commissioned play written to inspire and challenge young performers.

Back in 2011 we performed Dirty, Dirty Princess a play that had been written for Connections and so we’re enjoying going through the scripts of potential productions ready to make our selection for our first show in 2016. In September we’ll be confirming the play we’ll be performing and work will begin with our leaders being given the opportunity to attend directors workshops with the writer and team at the National Theatre.

It is a great opportunity for our young members to be involved in such a prestigious endeavour and we can’t wait to share more information with you as the project develops.


2 thoughts on “Making Connections”

  1. I have just bought tickets for your Friday evening Dracula performance.
    I am bringing my granddaughter who has limited vision.
    I wonder would it be possible to reserve seats. Ella really needs a more central position as if she is at the end of a row she will find it difficult to see the whole thing.
    I understand if its not possible because I am sure you get lots of requests.
    Julia Young

    1. Hi Julia,

      Further to our previous emails we will do all we can to assist your granddaughters experience of the production. Thank you for getting in touch and we hope it is an enjoyable evening for you both.


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