Leaders & Crew

Dominic Whitehead

It is all my fault. In the middle 1990’s I identified a need for a youth theatre in the town and persuaded another 7 members of the Drama Club, one of whom I subsequently married, to join me in setting up the Youth Theatre. I thought if we had 30 members and lasted 12 months it would be a success. In the 17 years I have been Chairman of this group we have had in excess of 250 members and there is no sign of my escape route. Looks like I’m going to be doing this for a few more years yet.

Beryl-Anne Whitehead

Are you creative? Do you want to feel good about yourself? Do you want to have confidence? If YES is your answer then HYT is the place for you’.  This was my vision in 1997.  Several other adults and I embarked on creating a Youth Theatre in Huntingdon to teach these skills. As a mother of three I saw the need in my own children and was driven on to help.  Now, in 2014 I look back on our achievements. Over 120 plays performed, many workshops held, trips abroad undertaken  (We took groups to France, Germany and Hungary to perform plays ranging from A Christmas Carol to Hamlet).  Almost 18 years on, still going strong and we are now a charitable organisation.  Many HYT students have gone on to work in television and theatre.  Many others have found the confidence to make significant contributions in so many walks of life. I am very proud to be part of this incredible organisation.

Margaret Gledhill

I have been with HYT for about 10 years doing a variety of jobs, a little bit of directing, make up, voice production and wardrobe mistress.  As I enjoy sewing this is now my main job as I make the costumes for all our productions.

Nicole Matthews

Nicole Jakson dancing with Daniel Livermore at Beryl-Anne and Dominics wedding.
Nicole dancing with Daniel Livermore at Beryl-Anne and Dominics wedding.

I joined HYT in 1997 when I was eleven as a member. I enjoyed it so much I stayed till I was 18 and unfortunately had to leave due to me moving to Wales.  I moved back to Huntingdon in 2009 to be close to family when I had my daughter and couldn’t wait to see how HYT was going. The first night back felt as if I had never left and I became a leader.  HYT helped me become the confident person I am today and I hope to be part of  the team for a long time to come.

Kate Adams

Kate Adams , right, with former member Kate Burton from our 10th birthday party!

I joined HYT as a member and performed in a number of productions, most notably as Mina Murray/Harker in our production of Dracula in 2003.  I left to go to university and came back after a chance meeting with Mike Gledhill came along to visit the group one Tuesday night and soon found myself returning full time as a leader.

Ray Livermore

Ray (left) from our 10th birthday party as Juliet, performing alongside Ben Noad.
Ray (left) from our 10th birthday party as Juliet, performing alongside Ben Noad.

I first joined HYT as a member at the turn of the millennium and appeared with us in a number of productions. During my time as a member I performed in Huntingdons twin town of Salon-de-Provence in the south of France as well as in workshops with the RSC.  During my time with the group I was able to write and direct a couple of my own productions and after a brief hiatus returned as a leader full time. Outside HYT, I have performed with local groups such as Shakespeare at the George and the Huntingdon Drama Club as well as performing murder mysteries in hotels across the country and is a regular with Huntingdon Community Radio.

Graeme Hammond

I’ve been involved with theatre longer than I care to remember, playing a Wise Man in the school nativity then moving on to all boy operettas as an elf and village maiden! My first involvement with youth theatre was with the Library Theatre in Manchester where I spent a wonderful summer working on productions.
Since then I’ve acted,  but mainly directed as well as worked backstage with numerous groups round the area. I first found myself with HYT when asked to come help with make up for a production, my daughter Katie got hooked and I finally got really involved as a leader a couple of years later, then my second daughter Laura joined, she’s now working professionally in the West End, and I’ve never looked back! It’s a family thing as Katie still likes to help out as well!

Keiron Wallis

I have had several years experience in performing arts and have a level 3 national diploma in performing arts. I also have a lamda silver medal. I have been performing since I was 8 years old and I played Joseph as my first lead when I was 11, l had a terrible voice then and not much has changed! I was a member of HYT for 6 years before stepping up to become a leader. My first leadership role was as assistant director for sleeping beauty. I love this club and I would never drop it for anything.

Former leaders

Christopher RJ Parker

A publicity still of Christopher RJ Parker

I am currently a Performing Arts Lecturer at Cambridge Regional College and have performed in multiple professional and amateur theatre and Film productions including selected pieces with HYT during my early years of training. I have recently finished a degree in Musical Theatre and In the future I look to continue on my journey to becoming a professional actor.


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