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Come along to the Commemoration Hall on 19th October at 7:30 pm! Huntingdon Youth Theatre and Huntingdon Drama Club are joining forces for a one-night-only performance of various monologues, songs, and short scenes. Our play, Ordinary, was written by members of the Youth Theatre during Lockdown. Also, it’s free! Support The Commemoration Hall by buying a drink or two from the bar, which will be open from 6:30 pm.

Requiescat in Pace Dracula

So there we have another play in the history books as we say goodbye to this years Winter production of Dracula. It was a big, ambitious production with lots of set pieces and lots of hard work and a sold out final performance on Saturday evening! What a great way to round out our 18th year.

We’re not resting though as no sooner have we removed Draculas crypt from the hall we are working on the next productions. On Tuesday night we started on our Connections piece “It Snows” with the first cast get together and read through and next Tuesday we’re starting the work on our return to the Court Room of Huntingdon Town Hall to start work on “Murder at the Meads”. With both of those productions taking place next March we have a lot to do, that’s without anything else we have planned!

Thank you for your support in 2015, we look forward to continuing our growth in 2016!

Warboys Witches, Souled Out

witches sold outFollowing our notice a few days ago that ticket sales were going well for this months production we are delighted to announce that we have sold out of tickets for the production.  We are pleased with the reception and are sure that we will put on a great show introducting people to these events that were national news back in the late 16th century and a big part in the rise of “witchmania” that would soon sweep the country.


As we have sold out we want to give people every chance to see the show should the opportunity arise and and as a result Marilyn at Huntingdon Town Hall is compiling a waiting list. Contact her and should any tickets be returned then she will contact you and find room in Court One for you to see the show. Good luck, and we hope to see you at future productions!

Bewitching the ticket office!

We’re coming to the end of February and are now just two weeks away from our first production of the year. The Witches of Warboys is in conjunction with the Mayor of Huntingdons charities as last years court reenactment was and has been selling wonderfully. HYT have nearly sold our allocation of tickets with only a few available for Thursday and Saturday as of the time of writing. We have already sold out for Friday.

Please make sure you do not miss out on this theatrical performance by getting your tickets as soon as possible as it is looking like we will again be selling out due to the restricted space the court rooms allow us to fit in attendance.

To get your tickets please contact Marilyn at the Huntingdon Town Hall by calling 01480 411883 or by going in direct.  She will help you out and we’ll see you in court on the 12th, 13th or 14th of March!

Sleeping Beauty is just a month away!


Well we’re just weeks away from this years winter production which is the pantomime Sleeping Beauty! Directed by Nicole Matthews and Kieron Wallis  we’re looking forward to putting on a magical show which will be fun for all the family.

This year we are also delighted to welcome Roy Bellas as our Musical Director and his three piece band to bring the music of the show to life.

Tickets will be available direct through HYT in the near future and should be direct from the Commemoration Hall shortly. We hope lots of people come along and support our young cast (and rookie directors!) on our last production before next January’s 18 year celebration!

Case Closed

Tonight saw the last performance of the run from our production of The Trial of Joshua Slade. A big thank you to everyone who came along to support us during this very busy and sold out few days! Our cast and crew really enjoyed working on this production and discussions with the audience members showed us how divisive, even today, the evidence put forward and the case was.

Over on our productions tab we’ve updated our page for this show which contains some historical information from the case, including two contemporary accounts of his confession and the details of the murder.  To see this information, as well as details of the production under the productions tab. We’ll be updating this and other productions with time at this link.


Joshua Slade this week!

So we’re entering production week and very busy with work on The Trial of Joshua Slade. The production is a sell-out and we thank everyone for supporting us on this project. It has been an interesting and exciting one for us to be a part of under the guidance of director Beryl-Anne Whitehead. We hope that those of you who are able to make it this week are able to enjoy the experience in this unique setting. For those of you who missed out we’re hoping to bring the production to you as a radio play. Watch this space!


Alongside this we’re slowly updating the rest of the site and have started the task of adding more information about our past productions.  We hope to feature photos and memories of every production in our past so invite our members, past and present and those who remember seeing the productions to contact us here and over on our Facebook page to offer their own memories of productions!

First rehearsal in the courts!

Last night we had our first rehearsal in the court rooms for “The Trial of Joshua Slade”, special thanks to Kate who was the court artist for the evening and taking a few snaps of the events as they unfolded!


Dr Wilson is sworn in as the prosecuting lawyer, Mr Stork looks on
Dr Wilson is sworn in as the prosecuting lawyer, Mr Stork looks on

Joshua Slade stands in the box, watched by the constable and William Heddings, accused of stealing a pig from the late Reverend Waterhouse
Joshua Slade stands in the box, watched by the constable and William Heddings, accused of stealing a pig from the late Reverend Waterhouse

Mrs Garner landlady sworn in
Mrs Garner, landlady of the Swan public house, is sworn in

Mrs Whitney, neighbour to the victim is sworn in
Mrs Whitney, neighbour to the victim is sworn in

Baron Garrow listens to the witness while Mr Taylor, defending lawyer, looks nervously at his notes
Baron Garrow listens to the witness while Mr Taylor, defending lawyer, looks nervously at his notes

The clerk of the court reads out their verdict.
The clerk of the court reads out their verdict.


Tickets are available NOW, so if you want to see this production with a strictly low capacity due to room available in the court rooms contact Marilyn at 01480 411883.

The Trial of Joshua Slade


We are currently working on a very special collaboration with the Mayor of Huntingdon’s charities to perform this piece.  “The Trial of Joshua Slade” is a recreation of an actual court case with a script from local historian Richard Meredith and uses the actual records taken by the clerk on the day to put forward the evidence available and let the modern day audience make up their own minds.

In 1827, this case captured the imagination of the public, leading to large crowds congregating around Huntingdon court and crowding the streets, bringing the town to a halt. The murder of Reverend Josiah Waterhouse on the 3rd of July gained national attention and media coverage and the trial was monitored closely by central government and presided over by Mr Baron Garrow (the man who was the focus of the BBC series “Garrow’s Law” and first coined the phrase “innocent until proven guilty”) and The Lord Chief Baron Alexander.

In May of 2014 we are going to be performing this in the very court room the case was heard in nearly 200 years ago. For tickets contact Marilyn from the Huntingdon Town Council on 01480 411883, they’re £5 each (including complimentary drink) and in limited number, we are excited about this production and hope you will be too!