Announcing: CABLE STREET

Huntingdon Youth Theatre is pleased to announce that it has been selected to perform a specially commissioned play “Cable Street” as part of the National Theatre Connections 2022 Project.

We are currently recruiting actors who are 13 or older for the project, which sees the group partnered with the professional venue, The Garage Theatre, Norwich. The group will perform home performances at the Commemoration Hall early in 2022 and at Norwich after that.

Today marks the 85th Anniversary of what became known as The Battle of Cable Street. The Battle of Cable Street was a series of clashes that took place at several locations In the inner East End, notably Cable Street on Sunday 4 October 1936. It was a clash between the Metropolitan Police, sent to protect a march by members of the British Union of Fascists (BUF) led by Oswald Mosley, and various anti-fascist demonstrators, including local British Jewish & Irish residents, trade unionists, communists, and socialist groups. The Anti-Fascist protestors successfully pushed back Oswald Mosley and his ‘Black Shirts’, effectively ending the rise in popularity of the BUF in Britain. To learn more, please click here: